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  • Rhubarb Reviver Cocktail Rhubarb Reviver Cocktail

Rhubarb Reviver Cocktail

Signature Collection - Mix, Shake and Strain
36% VOL

Quick Overview

A twist on the classic cosmopolitan. The light floral notes of rhubarb really bring this traditional recipe to life.

METHOD: Combine mixer and pouch with ice, shake for 10 seconds and strain into serving glass (no ice)

lab image


Ketel One Citreon ● Cointreau ● Rhubarb Liqueur

GARNISH: Orange Peel

GLASSWARE: Highball Glass

ICE: Serve With

MIXER: Pago - Cranberry Juice (200ml)

Shaker/Strainer: Required shaker

SINGLE SERVE: 55ml + Mixer

DOUBLE SERVE: 110ml + Mixer

(SS) MIXER AMOUNT: 1/2 Bottle

(DS) MIXER AMOUNT: Full Bottle

Availability: In stock

Signature Collection

  • Pineapple Negroni

    Signature Collection Pineapple Negroni Cocktail

    A tropical twist on the classic Negroni. We use spit-roasted pineapple gin balanced with dry and sharp Campari for an elegant drink to sip in the sun.

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  • Coconut and Passionfruit Daiquiri

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  • Strawberry and Coconut Daiquiri

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    This exotic mix encapsulates balance as creamy coconut and fruity strawberry dance on the palate. Take a sip and think of somewhere sunny.

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  • Mango Daiquiri

    Signature Collection Mango Daiquiri Cocktail

    From the old Tiki saying "if it grows together, it goes together." A delicious combination of mango rum and citrus flavours that will leave you thirsty for more.

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  • Shipwrecked on the Rocks

    Signature Collection Shipwrecked on the Rocks Cocktail

    Packed full of tropical flavours and perfect for those who like a hint of coffee in their cocktails. A fun alternative to an espresso martini.

    Ready to Serve - Pour Over Ice
  • Strawberry Margarita

    Signature Collection Strawberry Margarita Cocktail

    Strawberry, agave and citrus come together in a sweet and refreshing tequila mix. Serve in a salt-rimmed coupette for the real margarita experience.

    Ready to Serve - Freeze, Pour
  • A Bitter Sweet Symphony

    Signature Collection A Bitter Sweet Symphony Cocktail Mixer - Franklin's - Soda Water

    A bucket load of orange zest blends with the bitter bite of Campari. Topped with your favourite mixer, this drink is the perfect bitter-sweet serve.

    Pour Over Ice and Mix
  • Summer Berry Spritz

    Signature Collection Summer Berry Spritz Cocktail Mixer - Prosecco

    A delightful blend of gin and deep berry liqueur which pairs perfectly with your favourite bubbles. Great for those with a sweeter tooth.

    Pour and Mix
  • Peachy Keen

    Signature Collection Peachy Keen Cocktail Mixer - London Essense - Ginger Ale

    For those who like the bolder flavours, this bourbon based drink is paired with fruity peach notes for a punchy yet balanced serve.

    Pour Over Ice and Mix
  • Clockwork Orange

    Signature Collection Clockwork Orange Cocktail Mixer - London Essense - Ginger Ale

    This cocktail has the best of both worlds. Light tropical notes of fresh elderflower and hibiscus are perfectly balanced with a fiery kick of ginger to finish.

    Pour Over Ice and Mix
  • A Gin A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

    Signature Collection A Gin A Day Keeps the Doctor Away Cocktail Mixer - London Essense - Tonic Water

    Perfect for a hot summer's day, this light and floral gin-based drink excites the tastebuds with its rich blackberry, apple and citrus notes.

    Pour Over Ice and Mix
  • Kali Cocktail

    Signature Collection Kali Cocktail Mixer - London Essense - Tonic Water

    Light tropical hibiscus flower meets cucumber and aloe flavours in this delicious gin-based cocktail. Top with great quality tonic for a floral hit of refreshment.

    Pour Over Ice and Mix